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License to Thrill
The 1st in the series!
Harlequin Temptation #740
July 99 - ISBN 0-373-25840-2

Sexy-as-sin Marc McCoy has always relished the thrill of the chase. But this is the first time he's ever had to chase a woman. He can't believe his Melanie is getting married--and not to him! But little does Melanie guess that Marc's got a plan to get her back, for good. After all, he is licensed to thrill...

Nominated for Best Harlequin Temptation in Romantic Times 1999 Reviewer Choice Awards, a finalist in the Best Temptation category of the Holt Medallion Awards, and Third Place winner in the Best Short Contemporary in the 1999 Aspen Gold Contest!

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The P.I. Who Loved Her
The 2nd in the series!
Harlequin Temptation #776
March '00 - ISBN 0-373-25876-3

After one close call with matrimony, Mitch McCoy is a happily confirmed bachelor...until his long-lost bride breezes back into town wearing another wedding dress and red shoes! Mitch might not be "in love" with Liz anymore, but he's never stopped wanting to "make love" to her. But will Liz finally give Mitch the wedding night they never had? Or will her latest groom track her down first?

"A highly charged, sensual story laced with intense emotion, humor, and some of the sharpest dialogue ever written. The sizzling tension between Mitch and Liz catapults this tale into the stratosphere. Tori Carrington is definitely one of the hottest writers to be included in the Temptation line."
-- MB, Rendezvous

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For Her Eyes Only
The 3rd in the series!
Harlequin Temptation #789
July '00 - ISBN 0-373-25889-5

I.N.S. Agent Jake McCoy prided himself on being a loner. So how had sexy illegal alien Michelle Lambert stolen her way into his heart--and his bed--so quickly? She wouldn't go home without her child and Jake couldn't blame her. Unfortunately, he couldn't keep his hands off her, either. Torn between duty and desire, Jake never guessed he'd soon be a fugitive himself--and a married man!

2001 Holt Medallion Award Winner!

"Emotional dialogue, sizzling passion, and powerful prose combine to make this story the best yet of the...series. Readers will be begging for the next book from this exceptional author."
-- MB, Rendezvous

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You Only Love Once
The 4th in the series!
Harlequin Temptation #823
March '01-ISBN 0-373-25923-9

David McCoy likes to live on the edge. But even he never guessed that the gorgeous blonde he took to bed one night would end up assigned as his partner the next day! Sexy Kelli Hatfield is spirited, independent...and fully determined that their one-night stand will be just that--one night. Only, she hasn't counted on David's powers of persuasion....

"Talented storyteller Tori Carrington's latest is a sexy thriller that combines romance, action, suspense and intrigue in one neat package with two explosive characters.(4)"
-- Shannon Short,
Romantic Times

"Seduction has never been so good! MAGNIFICENT!"
-- Karen L. Williams,
Rhapsody Book Club

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Never Say Never Again
The 5th & final book in the series
Harlequin Temptation #837
July 2001 - ISBN 0-373-25937-9

U.S. Marshall Connor McCoy, the oldest of the McCoy clan, is used to looking after himselfand everybody else too. But he's definitely out of his element when he finds himself framed for murder and has to rely on the talents of sassy, sexy junior U.S. Attorney Bronte O' Brien to prove his innocence.  Only there's nothing innocent about Bronte's intentions toward Connor.  And she's about to show him just how talented she really is&

"Brilliant storyteller Tori Carrington once again scorches the pages as she creates an unforgettable read.... (4 1/2 Top Pick!)"
-- Shannon Short, Romantic Times

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McCoy Family Tree

Sean McCoy (Kathryn Connor McCoy - deceased) m. Wilhemenia Weber
D.C. Metro Police Officer
Family Patriarch

License to Thrill
Marc McCoy
Secret Service Agent
Melanie Weber

July 1999

The P.I. Who Loved Her
Mitch McCoy
Liz Braden

March 2000

For Her Eyes Only
Jake McCoy
INS Agent
Michelle Lambert
* Lili

July 2000

You Only Love Once
David McCoy
D.C. Metro Police Officer
Kelli Hatfield

March 2001

Never Say Never
Connor McCoy
U.S. Marshall
Bronte O'Brien

July 2001




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