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Feb 13, 2007
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May 1, 2007
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Constant Craving
Harlequin Readers
Choice Reissue
February 13th, 2007

 A hunger that couldn't be satisfied....

Adam Grayson, undercover FBI agent extraordinaire, had never hated an assignment so much--or wanted a woman so badly. His new 'supervisor,' gorgeous Eva Burgess had quickly become a prominent player in his favorite fantasy. Not that he had any chance with her--his cover as a geeky accountant pretty well shot down any possibilities there. Then she propositioned him....

Alone and expecting, Eva needed to find a least a temporary one. And with Adam the geek, she was sure she'd have no trouble ending the charade. But she hadn't expected Adam to be so compelling, so male. Nor did she guess that she'd start to crave their moments together with a need that took her breath away....


"CONSTANT CRAVING is a tender, sexy delight!" -- nationally bestselling author Teresa Medeiros

"CONSTANT CRAVING has everything:  sizzling sex, wonderful characters, action, adventure...  As steamy as the Louisiana nights, this book is a treat from beginning to end."  -- bestselling author Anne Stuart

"CONSTANT CRAVING (4) is an impressive debut by new author, Tori Carrington.  Strong characterization will have readers watching for Ms. Carrington's next book." -- Renae Dryer, Romantic Times

"Constant Craving is a brilliant debut novel by an author who pours out her heart in this special work... Tori Carrington demonstrates a talent that will surely gain her a large following of readers. This is one book that should satisfy the craving for readers who love romantic intrigue at its highest level." 4 Stars!
--  Harriet Klausner Affaire de Couer

"...a stroke of genius.  Tori Carrington has created a work of popular art."  
-- Rosemary Kurek, Ph.D., contributing editor of Romantic Conventions

"First time author Tori Carrington is an amazing storyteller.  CONSTANT CRAVING is like a banana split--filled with a variety of sensational flavors and fully satisfying."  5 stars -- Chris Theann Bossert, The Romantic Bower

"A unique, entertaining twist on a favorite plot, with clever dialogue, provocative characters, and smoldering sensuality.  Tori Carrington writes with an edgy, sophisticated style that will appeal to a wide range of readers.  A definite keeper." -- Melissa Bradley, Rendezvous

Dear Reader,

 "How do you two write together?" is the question most asked of us as a husband-and-wife team. Our response is invariably "very carefully."

Joking aside, we couldn't have plotted a more ideal situation for our characters, much less ourselves. In our books you'll see a little bit of both of us, a whole lot of imagination and a genuine love for what we do. In CONSTANT CRAVING, we didn't have to go too far to research Eva's Greek-American background because Tony himself is Greek-American. And Adam and Eva's situation somewhat resembles the circumstances surrounding our own leap into marital bliss eleven years ago. No, no, Tony isn't an F.B.I. agent, and Lori wasn't...well, you'll see what we mean. Anyway, this story isn't about us, although as our first book, it holds a special place in our hearts. No, it's about Adam and Eva and the sizzling trail they must blaze to find forever.

We'd love to hear from you. Write P.O. Box 12271, Toledo, OH 43612 (we'll respond with an autographed bookplate). Or send us an

 Here's wishing you romance, love, and happiness!

Lori & Tony
aka Tori Carrington


He was going to kiss her...

        "Tell me, Eva," Adam said in a voice that wasn't Adam-like at all. A voice that slid over her hot, super-hypersensitive skin like a hand, urging to life emotions she had vowed to keep at bay. "If we should ever be placed in a position where we should have to kiss --"

       "We won't," she whispered, her throat unbearably tight. "It's not Christmas, and there's no, um, mistletoe or anything."

       She shivered as his gaze homed in on her mouth.

       His own lips turned up at the corners. "Just the same, assume for the sake of argument there is a time when kissing is...expected from us...." His mouth moved ever closer, nearer to hers, riveting Eva's gaze to the well-defined line of his lips. "How, exactly, should we do it?"

        Eva knew she should move away from him, turn her head, do something, anything to prevent what was about to happen. But the simple truth of it was that she wanted this kiss. She wanted it to happen as much as Adam appeared awkwardly determined to make it happen. And she wanted it now.

       Wresting the initiative from him, she stopped the slowly seductive way his head tilted toward hers by pressing her lips tentatively against his. Then she gave in fully to the part of her that made her kiss him in the first place.

      He tasted of toothpaste, a bit of wine, and hot, hot desire. With a tip of her tongue, she brazenly sought a more intimate taste, aroused by the way he opened his mouth slightly and invited her tongue in.

      Need rushed over Eva in swells, carrying pleasure signals to her limbs. She reached out and braced her hands against his solid shoulders, but the touch evolved into a caress, the caress into a bold exploration of the marvelous muscles that made this man oh so much more than an inexperienced nerd.

       He had yet to touch her, and Eva found she yearned for that more than anything. Wanted to feel his hand against her heated flesh, needed him to touch her in a way she suspected he hadn't touched another woman.

       She rested her hand against his clean-shaven cheek, placing the tip of her thumb in the dimple in his chin. Then she deepened the kiss, plunging her tongue deep into his mouth, urging his into hers. Her breathing became a rapid, urgent search for the air she couldn't seem to get enough of.

        She stroked her fingers down his incredibly muscled arms and reached for his hands. Tugging on his hand, she met opposition.

       "Eva, I, um, don't think --"

       "Shhh." She compensated for his slight resistance and led his fingers to the top of her nightgown. She pressed her breast into his palm. The heat of his skin penetrated the thin cotton and shock waves of pleasure shot through her, pushing aside any doubt about what she was doing, infusing her with an ever growing need for more.

        His palm stayed, unmoving, on her breast. She strained against it, her nipple hard and aching, the increasingly demanding cadence of her kiss telling him she wanted more, oh so much more.

       "Eva --"

       "Adam...just be quiet and touch me...."


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