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Hands down, penning a bio is always the most difficult writing challenge we take on. What do we say? What do we keep a secret? Considering we've been writing together for over twenty-two years...well, that reveals more about us than anything you'll likely read here. We're fiction writers simply because we enjoy escaping into an exciting, colorful, fictional world of our own making. Take great, shameless pleasure in delving into the lives of others. Revel in living vicariously through our characters, trying on career hats we'd never otherwise put on, stretching muscles we'd probably be better off excercising in reality. We won't even discuss how our writing allows us to voice opinions on society, romance and human sexuality that aren't subject to public ridicule but rather presented as entertainment. To go there, well, we'd be revealing a little too much, now, wouldn't we?

So we'll stick to just the facts, ma'am -- or sir, depending on your preference, which may or may not have anything to do with your sex. Should you desire more information, feel free to and we'll provide you with our phone number, or -- our preference -- arrange to meet with you one-on-one where we can learn as much, or perhaps more, about you as you will about us. Depending on our mood, we may spill everything we'd prefer to keep a secret, like which traits we would change about the other if given half a chance. Likewise, we may wisecrack our way through the interview, sprinkle our responses with what we find exciting about our latest book, and blissfully skate over personal details that might bare a little too much.

Trust us, this is not an attempt to create an aura of mystery. We're not quite that saavy. No, we're just very protective of our evolving selves and consider ourselves open-minded, known to change an opinion the moment we voice it or are presented with further information, so we're hesitant to commit any to writing. Guess we're very Socrates-like (as opposed to Socratic) in that way, which isn't altogether a bad thing..

So rather than dictate to you here, we'll lay out the basic facts, then provide a number of links to others who have interviewed us.

I'm (Lori Schlachter Karayianni) a Holy Toledo, Ohio, native, having attended Central Catholic but ultimately graduating from Macomber-Whitney with certification in computer science. After working in the computer industry for a number of years -- and after Tony and I endeavored to write our first novel -- I switched to temp work which ultimately led to a four-year stint as a secretary/sales clerk in the engineering and international sales departments of Owens-Illinois, the international container company that put the "glass" into The Glass City. I put the brakes on before I reached the five-year mark, however, the point of no return for most dreamers who get caught in the corporate trap (more vacation time? Better benefits? Probably I should stay until retirement).

Tony's background couldn't be more different from mine, but thankfully it led him to me. Born in Smila, a small hillside village in the area of Ancient Olympia outside Pyrgos, Greece, (where his family has deep roots and an older brother still maintains the family olive groves) he was raised in Athens during a time of political and cultural upheaval, although neither stopped him from becoming a drummer in a successful pop band that often played with Greek singer Teris Chrysos. He immigrated to the U.S. in late 1976 and with the help of the Greek community achieved the American Dream. Only the hunger for something more, the restless searching that originally compelled him to turn his back on his successful music career and brought him here, remained. It wasn't until after we'd become a couple, and he turned to me and suggested that we try our hand at writing, that both of us discovered the true meaning of the word "dream." And we like to say that we've been living it ever since.

We began writing in June of 1984. Always as a collaborative team, meaning that when Tony suggested we try our hand at writing, we did so: together. We began with romance, simply because that's what our first book evolved into. But mystery has always held a special appeal for us, and while all our books contain a measure of the same, we were thrilled when our our agent Robert Gottlieb contracted with Forge/Tor for us to write our own comedy-mystery series for the hardcover market Sofie Metropolis, PI. SOFIE METROPOLIS was released in June of 2005, and since three more have found their way onto store shelves: DIRTY LAUNDRY, FOUL PLAY and WORKING STIFF. The first three titles are also available in paperback, and all four are also on audio through Blackstone and Books on Tape. We're happy to report that Robert and Alanna Ramirez have recently negotiated a contract with Edwin Buckwalter of Severn House for the next two Sofie titles.

Aside from the Writing to Sell Fiction Diploma Tony earned from Writer's Digest School, we consider ourselves proud graduates of HKU (The University of Hard Knocks), with Bachelors in Humility, Masters in Commercial Hooks and Ph.D.'s in Trial and Error. Beyond the countless writers conferences, seminars, workshops and symposiums we've attended over the years, our ever-changing handle on craft and voice stems directly from writing, re-writing, and writing again. And from working with the great team of agents at Trident Media Group, and our extraordinary editors Brenda Chin of Harlequin and Melissa Ann Singer of Forge/Tor. Our route was a circuitous one to be sure, but one that has afforded a treasure trove of experiences we otherwise might not have enjoyed.

After countless years, and a mountain of rejection letters, we sold our first book in January 1998. Our August 2009 Harlequin Blaze UNBRIDLED marked our 45th original published title. Click here for a full bibliography.

We count our adult sons Tony, Jr. and Tim as our own personal heroes. Along with cats Patch, Spike and Nia, we call Toledo, Ohio home base, but also travel to Athens, Greece -- Tony’s hometown -- as often as we can to breathe in all things Greek.
(Click here to browse through our personal and professional photo album, including entries from our two-month, crosscountry 2005 Baklava Express Tour.)

Television appearances include: FOX 6's Good Day Alabama in Birmingham (live); WBIR-TV NBC's Style with Moira Kaye, Knoxville; Knoxville’s CBS's Volunteer TV Cooking with Uncle Walt during noon news (live); and ICN6's Northern Kentucky Magazine (live).

Radio includes: Cincinnati’s WRRS-FM's Cover to Cover; Toledo’s 92.5 FM (live); Tampa’s WXYB 1520 AM (live); Philadelphia’s B101.1 FM Women's File; NY's Aktina at 91.5 FM (live).

Audiences include:

Featured luncheon speakers at the Ohio Library Council's annual convention 10/12/07.
Featured luncheon speakers at Medina County's Writers Live 19/11/07.

For more info on our many speaking engagements, please refer to our Travel Blog by clicking here.

The authors’ motto is “have aprons, will cook.” They also frequently speak to writing and reading and library groups on myriad topics.

Award info:


Proud recipients of:

2005 Romantic Times Career Achievement Award
2005 RIO Award of Excellence
Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award
Reviewers Int’l Organization’s Dorothy Parker Award for Excellence
Holt Medallion Award
Orange County Golden Blossom and Rose Award
The Windy City Choice Award

Consistent Waldenbooks Top Ten Series Best-Seller

A peek at authors
in the making...

Tony at eighteen.

Lori at four.

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